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XGuard Robotics develops and markets 100% autonomous aerial surveillance and security drones for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. The company was founded in 2019 and relies on a multidisciplinary team of about 15 specialists in software, electrical and mechanical engineering. XGuard drones are entirely designed at our R&D laboratory in Montreal.

Xguard team meeting
Xguard team building a drone

The company designs fully automated take-off, flight and landing UAVs that are operational 24/7 while using innovative technologies that offer 99.9% autonomy with its APPS battery management solution. This unique XGuard Robotics technology offers a significant advantage over the competition in terms of drone efficiency in operations. XGuard Robotics has also integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer advanced flight performance. Its drones offer night vision, facial recognition and potential threat identification capabilities using high-zoom HD cameras and a thermal camera. The drones are

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